Hi, I'm Joyce.

a Photojournalist in Northern California

As an artist, photojournalist, storyteller and educator, I’ve found my true passion in capturing the beauty and complexity of real-life moments. Whether I'm shooting a portrait session or a wedding, I believe that family is at the heart of everything I envision. As a storyteller, I strive to create memorable visual stories that capture the essence of people's lives and relationships.

What I love most about photography is its ability to convey emotions and memories through small, wordless moments, an image. I believe that these moments carry the most power, and I aspire to capture them in my photographs.

I currently reside in Northern California, splitting my time between Mendocino and San Francisco. I'm always exploring new locations, and I'm excited to travel the world to capture the stories of families. 

My 15+ years of experience in the UX Design creative industry and the marketing design world of technology has given me a creative perspective on photography as a technical art form.

email: joyce@jperlmanphotography.com •  cell/text: 650-867-2013

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