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Building Trust

“We have two little girls and Joyce was able to jump right in, build trust with them and capture their magic in a way I wasn't sure would be possible. The joy of dancing outdoors, of sharing their artwork, of having those sister moments (the laughter and the disagreements), those seemingly small moments that add up to something so special.

Magical moments ever present one day and gone the next with the passing of time, we'll treasure forever.”

—Nicole Mecham and Kris White

“J.Perlman Photography took our gorgeous wedding photos 10 years ago, and recently our family photos.

Each of our 4 kids have their own unique personality. Joyce did an amazing job of engaging our introvert, observing our silly ones from afar, and being patient with our toddler. She perfectly captured their personalities and playfulness individually and together. They truly represent who we are.”

—Alexia and James Mazzone

“When Joyce said she was doing family lifestyle photography, we were ecstatic! We were thrilled to be able to work with her again.

We love how she photographed our daughter doing the activities that she does on a regular basis. Joyce was so patient with our two girls. I love that she connected with our oldest, making her comfortable enough to show her all her favorite things which were photographed beautifully.

Documenting precious moments with posed family pictures as well as real life photos.”

—Catherine and Matt Ballante

“Joyce is very good with positioning different backgrounds, capturing the right light and being creative and spontaneous with the people and places.”

Family Matters

“Joyce was fantastic. We chose her for our pregnancy shoot. A few months later, she photographed our newborn and she was incredibly patient.

To spend a few hours with someone in your home may not be the most appealing experience, but she honestly just felt like one of us and that we were just hanging out and having fun. More importantly the pictures came out supernatural and fantastic. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Do not hesitate to hire her.”

—Nadine Abu Tayeh and Mutaz Sheik

“I wanted to do something fun and memorable for my wife to mark our 5th wedding anniversary so I called Joyce, J.Perlman Photography, for family photos. We loved all the wedding pictures she'd taken and had them all over our house. I thought having pictures of our new life with that same fun energy and attention to detail would be amazing.

The breadth of pictures is really awesome. An anniversary gift for my wife, Joyce was able to get some lovely pics of my wife and daughter that I will cherish forever.”

—Toni and Bill Watt

“J.Perlman Photography took our big, blended family Thanksgiving photos at our home in Sea Ranch and the photos were wonderful and beautiful. What made them especially fine was that Joyce had made everyone so comfortable being photographed. From the 3-year-old to the 79-year-old including two dogs. The best part of the relationships all shown through. As I look at these photos I continue to be so appreciative.”

—Susan and Chris Hamlin

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